Introduction to AERO

This page should contain a small step by step example of how AERO is used. You should be presented with pictures of how the screen looks like when you edit a scene, when you start the simulation and when you have rendered a small sequence. But as so often I don't have enough time at the moment to create this, so you still have to wait a few days.


But we have some documents on our FTP server that may help you in the meantime. Click here to go to the server or select one of the following to download the individual files directly.How to download and uncompress the files (ASCII, 4k)
A small user guide (ASCII, 6k)
English documentAERtext (Postscript, gzipped 220k)
German documentation text (Postscript, gzipped tar-file 1060k)

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Thomas Braunl,
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