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Welcome to RST's crazy corner

This site is non commercial and was established 2003-01-01. Primary purpose of this site is just fun. It contains some programming stuff around C++ and Java and other computer related things. It was once located at lycos, was then moved to, was partly transformed into a twiki, and resides now in my (RST's) own web spaces. I developed a programm I call it "CRAZYWEB" that does this publishing task right now. Maybe it will be available here soon as well.

Content of this site

Aero - Animation Editor for realistic Object Movement - a rigid body simulator
AI - Ever tried out artificial intelligence approaches on your business?
Akai - A link and material collection related to AKAI S2000 Samplers
Bushaders - Don't miss the famous action shoot'em up dedicated to George W. Bush fans
Coffeetronix - RST's Visual Software Modelling Tool (UML-like) with Round Trip Engineering for Java
Colorcircle - Simple colorful java applet for beginners
Gallery - Some foto galleries
Jake2 - Information about the 100% java port of quake2
Java - Everything I came across while using this programming language
JMandel - This is a benchmark C++ vs Java I did some time ago.
JMaze - RST's java port of the XMaze program
Sierpinksi - A simple fractal applet