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AERO - Animation Editor for realistic Object Movement

AERO stands for "Animation Editor for Realistic Object movement". It is a software program for the X-Windows System that consists of an editor and a simulator for virtual mechanics. It is a simple rigid body system you can take to create realistic computer movies with. Simulations of collapsing buildings or truck crashes are no problem (see examples). Place the cameras and your objects in the scene, give them a velocity/acceleration and step through the recording process frame by frame. In every frame you can be the movie director, you modify everything you want, you can move cameras and objects, or you can just let it go and see what happens. After the recording is finished you can take povray and some other tools to get out an AVI or MPEG movie.

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It is the work of the following people:

It's new home-site is now I keep a local copy in the Ftp folder below.



Aero-simulation.htm - Simulation page
Newaeroversion.html - Simualtion